Sample Chapters

Adima Rising – The Story Begins 


Sample Three Chapters




It was supposed to be a campout to celebrate the end of school. Then a 5,000 year old native american spirit appeared. Rory, Tima, Billy and James are the only thing that stands between a swarm of creatures bent on destroying the earth. Their only chance – discover the power that lies within them and become ADIMA – Weavers of Light. With time running short and their normal lives spinning out of control they must travel to different times and dimensions, risking their lives for the slim hope that they can learn and become what they must before it’s too late. A wild ride from beginning to end, Adima Rising sucks you in and shows you that YOU TOO are ADIMA – a Weaver of Light. 

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Adima Returning – The Sacred Cliff


Sample Three Chapters   – PDF


The friends must learn to work with other nodes of the web, traveling to the three planes of existence. They do not have enough power to withstand the forces ripping apart the cliff and must bring it back to this planet, where it once existed. Guided by the Katsinim and web of light, the three friends must struggle forward, hampered by the absence of James. Fail, and Adima on all planes of existence will be unable to return to the Spheres to share their learning. The time of the Adima will be over forever. However, the hidden force that is fighting their every move is too powerful to face alone and may even be more powerful than all the Adima together.


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