From Adima Rising

Toward the end, everything is falling apart on their challenges and in their lives. Rory regrets he ever started, because it looks like failure is the only future. Tima steps up:

“Shut up!” yelled Tima. “Stop right now. Haven’t you learned anything?” She stood up and faced the three boys, her eyes flashing. Rory saw the fiery snake in her face. She seemed to grow taller and stretch up to the sky.

“We’ve been through three challenges. One the first one, I learned the power of the snake is to see what’s essential and what can be left behind.” She glared at them. “We are essential. Our work is essential. We can leave behind this place, our bodies, our worries, but who we are…that’s essential.”

I have come to believe that what I do, not what I think, not what I plan, but what I DO is the essential. What I choose to do drives my bliss, builds my world, helps or hinders. Words are wind that easily blow away. Each action is a brick that builds my reality. This action. This action. This action. 

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