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When I was in high school, I designed lighting for the theater. Hanging the lights involved running up and down from the lighting grid to the back of the theater to check the focus of the lights for every scene in the play. Great fun. Very intense.

I would wake up at night and be in the theater. I knew I was in bed at home, but as I looked around I WAS in the theater. I didn’t think I was. I was. To get back in my room, I would have to stare very closely to my left, where I knew there was a wall and a light switch. After concentrating, I would see the switch. Then I could slowly scan around the room until I saw my room, not the theater.


I realized years later, that what was happening was astral projection. definition My astral body went to the theater to continue working on the lighting. I wish I woulda known. I wasn’t trying to do it. I just did. Later, when I tried to astral project, I couldn’t. Drag.

Over the past years, I’ve realized that young adults (generally 14ish to 17ish) are able to tap into psychic stuff (that’s the technical term) much more easily than us old farts. My guess is that your hold on “reality” is undergoing major change – as you play with who you are going to be and what you can do instead of being a kid who is pretty well told what to do. So, if everything is up for grabs, you are open to lots of things that can’t be “real”.


I’m going to do some posts on metaphysics based on what I’ve found in my explorations. The big thing I’ll be repeating a lot is that there is a lot of conflicting information out there. When someone says this is the way it is, I start watching closely because it usually means there’s a pile of poo to step in. As Mealim says in Adima Rising – there is no true, there is only useful.

Steve’s rules: 1. Don’t try to control others (be they people or beasties) 2. Trust your instincts, if it feels bad, stop.

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