The move to becoming a full time writer

I’m currently writing book 2 of the Adima Chronicles. In addition, I’m going to set up the blog tour for book one today. This weekend, I got the first copies of the book, so it’s time to set up that release party. Then there’s the postcards – they are ordered and should be arriving in a couple of days.

Last night I couldn’t sleep. My mind was working out plots and explanations and subplots. Then I’d think about submitting a couple of the existing books to other publishers. Then there’s the new roof to get paid for. (oooo.. dangling participle) Last night’s research included finding out that the star nosed mole can find and eat prey (bugs n stuff) faster than the human eye can see. I was impressed. So was Paul, then he asked a really good question – who measures this and how. But that’s research for another day.

I’m starting to put together this web site – so there will be more on the way as I find time.


By the way, I love this. I’m not complaining. I love it.



My other writings are on Steve Writes. This site is all about the Adima Chronicles.

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