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I got postcards for promotion a couple of days ago. I set up the release party for May 16 – if you are in the Becket area or what to come to the Becket area, contact me.

I remember many years ago when I first got interested in computers and multimedia. I asked my parents for $5000 for an apple IIci with an enormous amount of memory (I think it was 16 megabytes) which cost as much as the computer. I got this whole thing and pulled it out of the box and put everything together and then it hit me…am I actually going to do anything with this or is it a really expensive paperweight? I was a bit intimidated and didn’t know what to do, so it sat there for a few days. Finally, I got over it and began. Now I spend most of my life on the computer.

So what?

It felt the same way when I had 2500 postcards and 100 books. What am I going to do now? Have I made a huge mistake?

However, with the benefit of that previous experience, I know that I will. I am moving forward. I just finished an hour of writing. I’m doing it, which is very cool.

As I’ve said, writing a sequel is very different than the first book. I have been thinking about writing parts that talk more about what the parents are doing, but it felt wrong. Today I realized that when I wrote the first book (Adima Rising), I wasn’t sure if it was an adult or YA book. It still hits kind of in the middle. I actually have had more feedback from adults who love it than YAs, but that’s because I know more adults. What I realized today is that this second book is a YA. I am writing for that audience and I know when I was a YA, my interactions with the world of my parents was very me-centric. It didn’t occur to me that they had hopes/dreams… might think about doing other things. They were my parents and I figured that was a given and that their “job” was doing that. So, it makes sense that in the second book there is not much about the parents.

So much written now and so much to go. I can’t even tell where I am in the process. I am liking it.

Last thought for today… at the launch party I’m going to do a reading. The party is actually all about me. I haven’t had a party all about me since a birthday party decades ago. Standing up and saying I’m an author and reading the book… I’m not scared… heck I have taught so many classes I can stand up and talk any old time, but I really care about this book. I think Adima Rising is not just a book, but is important. The messages in it are important. It can change people. I care and that means my skin is a bit thinner and I’m putting myself out on a different level. When I teach, I know I’m good at instructional design. I know I’m a good teacher. Even if some don’t like the way I do it, I have enough confidence to not worry about them. This is different. I think the book is good, but I care if others think so, too. I think part of it is that I wrote it for myself, sure, but I wrote it for the world. It needs to be read to work.



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