The importance of creation

I had a bump in the road…a disagreement with work. It threw me off for 4 days and I didn’t write. I’m finally back to it. My dear friend Zina wrote a very timely email, which I’ll quote because she is such a splendid example of what I aspire to be.

Choosing to set aside writing and art in order to commit to the
“practical, responsible, legitimate” path did not work, so it seems that
making the opposite choice and setting aside the other stuff so as to
commit to writing and art is more sensible, and also much healthier. Maybe
I will fail at that…but if I commit to it without constantly keeping one
foot out or questioning the justification or worthiness of pursuing my
creative drive, then whatever comes of it, it is a success to have given
myself to it.

Having people like this in my life makes life worth living.

So, I not only wrote a bunch, but decided what to read for the book signing this weekend. I’m very excited. Word seems to be getting out. I am ALLOWING it to spread. I saw my first review on Amazon that was not from someone who I know…very cool. It is new and odd to let people promote the book because they think it is great, but I am getting used to it. I believe it is a good thing to read and those voices in my head keep telling me it is necessary in the world. So, grow and read.



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