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Adima Rising – Book One of the Adima Chronicles

by debut Author Steve Schatz

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Absolute Love Publishing and Steve Schatz today announced the release of Adima Rising, the first book in a three part series about a group of 4 diverse teens in New Mexico, who discover a world of energy behind their daily world. In this world, beings travel the web of light and a battle between Adima, the creators of the web, and Kroledutz, energy suckers is coming to a head. The 4 teens are the only ones who are in the right place at the right time to save both worlds. To do so, they must survive 4 challenges which force them to discover their inner power.

Adima Rising is a new kind of adventure. Steeped in Native American myths of North and South America, it does not evoke European castles or beasties. Instead, regular teens are faced with the long past of America and the current problems of home life.

A diverse group of ethnic, life style and outlook, the 4 learn to work together to overcome obstacles both in the energetic world and, with increasing frequency, in their regular lives.

Aimed at young adult readers, Adima Rising is a satisfying read for all ages.

More information may be found at, including videos, discussion boards and lesson plans for teachers using the book. The book may be ordered via or Amazon.

This is Steve Schatz’s first novel. A former university professor, software trainer, television producer and clown, Steve’s work has been seen throughout the world. Steve is available for interviews, blog posts, appearances and online contacts.

Exciting :
4 teens have 4 weeks to conquer 4 impossible challenges and then face an army of energy suckers in a world of energy they never knew existed. Meanwhile, life in the “real world” is getting more difficult by the day. The action never stops.

Diverse: Son of two Dads, African American girl in single parent mother struggles with depression, smart boy with smart mouth comes from single mother household with drunken mother, and 3rd generation Japanese American farmer. Native American mythology from North and South America woven throughout.

Mystical : Travel the web of light woven by each creative act. Discover the hidden power in each – the fire snake, the thunderbird, the buffalo and the whale. Face the heart of creation, buffalo stampedes and a volcanic island erupting – all while learning the power to act creatively with responsibility. Face even the death of an enemy as the passing from this sacred place of feeling and emotion.

Adima Rising is now available for Kindle in print at and Amazon.



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