Respect for you, the reader

I’ve been struck at how many YA books insult the readers. A typical setting is at school. The plot involves one group that has a problem with another (battle of the cliques). There is usually a bad boy, a couple of bullies and a good guy or girl or group that overcome odds to end up happy.

Is that your life? Are these the things you think most about? If so, my books aren’t for you. When I was in school, it was something I did, but not the only thing I did. Do adults want to read stories that always take place at work?

What I do know is that the time of middle and high school is a time of feeling your power as a distinct being. It is a time when you are tapping in to your physic powers. I designed lighting for theater when I was in high school. It involved long hours hanging lights and then going to the back of the theater to see how different settings looked.

Several times I would wake up at night and find myself in the theater. I knew it wasn’t possible, but what I saw was the theater. I would have to concentrate on the wall beside me and search to see the light switch. Once I could see that, I’d be able to swing my vision toward the stage and let it melt into my closet.
I didn’t realize then that I was astral projecting. However, that’s what was going on. I was there – in the theater. I didn’t know what I was doing or how. Years later, when I tried to do this, I couldn’t. One of the driving forces of my writing is to empower people to look beyond the limits the world imposes and embrace your reality.

When the kids are stuck in the kiva toward the end of Adima Rising and Rory’s dad wants to come down and help, James says, “This is our battle and what we need, you can’t provide.” That’s an important idea. Adults understand the world that was and perhaps that is. However, you are creating the understanding of the world that will be. You are building the future in the present.

My experience has been that nothing in my life resembles the dictates of high school. Things are much messier and less orderly. They are also a lot more interesting. I don’t want to relive some 50’s life story. I have found I don’t have to. My writing provides a model for one possible alternative. The most important thing to grab is that you have the choice of what life to live.



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