looking at blogs and my rant about lack of change

Now that the first round of book launching is over, I’m starting to look at the YA blogs. I thought this was going to be easy. There are companies that do blog tours, so I thought I would just have to pay a bit of money and wham bam. Not so much.

Amazing that there are so many YA (and adult for that matter) romance sites. Romance sells. Now, I don’t know if I should launch into a full scale criticism of romance genre. I know that lots of people read it and they read it because it is so formulaic that there is no need to think. Sites tell you what romance is – 1. Two people meet. 2. They don’t like each other. 3. They realize they do.. indeed they love each other. 4. Something keeps them apart. 5. After a series of adventures, they get together. The End.

I think what I don’t like is that no one learns anything or grows. I don’t mind formulas. I like reading mysteries, which are usually as formulaic. No one is going to be surprised at the ending of Adima Rising. The fact that it’s the first in the series pretty well gives away that they don’t die. However, everyone changes and grows. That doesn’t happen in romance. To poke at someone WAY more popular, Rowling is a great storyteller. She wrote 3-4 great books, which were bloated out to 7. However, the kids and the world really don’t change. The same thing could happen again. The clans are all set. Given a good/bad leader, the same awfulness that happened before and then happened again in the books, could happen again. No one learned. The “armies” still owe the same allegiances.

Then there is the … let’s call it the dusk series. That is some terrible writing. I still don’t understand how it became so popular. Romance, young looking, sexy vamps, no worries about death or money. What particularly bothers me is that a few years after the big hoo ha and the movies, I was wandering through hulu and saw a program called Roswell. It didn’t last long… couple of seasons I think. The plot is nearly identical. Angst ridden girl, family/friends of different (these are aliens instead of vamps), girl finds out and likes one of the boys (who looks a lot like the wolf in dusk). So, not only crappy writing, lack of editing and formulaic, but it’s not the slightest bit original.

If you loved Dusk… you’ll hate Adima Rising. You’ll actually have to think. I don’t mind if people write this drivel, but I find writing hard work and paying attention to the interaction between worlds while making the story interesting is tough. I love it, but it’s work. I can’t see spending that much time and effort to write dreck (from Yiddish – meaning dirt and old Norse meaning excrement).

So, the unknown author trashes two of the most popular writers of the last several years. By the way, I do love the writing of A.S. King, who is a wonderful YA writer. Anything she has written, buy and devour.



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