Evaluating Sources

There are many avenues to explore after reading Adima Rising or Adima Returning. However, when doing research, it is important to make sure your information comes from a “vetted” (or authoritative… in other words true) source.

On the web, it is easy to make a website that looks like real information or news. It doesn’t have to be. Even if someone dresses up in a suit, they can be lying to you. Here’s a great example. Look at this site.  http://rythospital.com. Doesn’t it look official?

It’s not. It’s a joke put together by a very talented graphic artist as an example of the quality of his work.

Do a search for fake web sites and you’ll discover many.

So, how do you make sure your research is based on information that is correct?

Explore the links below. Make a list of the ways you will be sure your information is good. Then find some sites that wouldn’t pass, paste the link and tell why it doesn’t pass.

  1. A quick guide from Berkeley. http://guides.lib.berkeley.edu/evaluating-resources
  2. Here’s a good overview of the research process. http://nmsu.libguides.com/ld.php?content_id=29535966
  3. A tutorial on evaluating web sites. http://liblearn.osu.edu/tutor/les1/
  4. Here’s an old article on what you can find and how tricky it is to get the right information. http://novemberlearning.com/educational-resources-for-educators/teaching-and-learning-articles/teaching-zach-to-think/


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