July 12 : Dreck.

When I reread the 1st version of Adima Returning, the word that came to mind was DRECK. I hated it. Now that I’ve been working on a new version for a couple of months – just to get the first few chapters right – I went back to re-read the 1st version. This time, I really liked it. So, I have 2 beginnings that I like. The language of the beginning sets up the rest of the book, so I have to choose.

However, while considering this, I wondered about the word DRECK and its entomology. I looked on a few sites. Here’s what Wiktionary says:


From Yiddish דרעק ‎(drek, dirt, crap), from Proto-Germanic *þrakjaz, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)terǵ-, *(s)terḱ-, *(s)treḱ- ‎(manure, dung; to sully, soil, decay). Compare Dutch drek ‎(dung; semi-liquid filth; mud), German Dreck ‎(dirt; filth), Latin stercus ‎(dung, manure)

I particularly like the term semi-liquid filth. Really grabs me deep somewhere near the stomach.



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