Creating a sacred space


One of the themes in Adima Rising is the importance of creating a sacred space. It seems to me that creating a special place is a very personal responsibility. Everyone should have one. I’ve started doing Agni Hotra, (a fire ceremony), again recently. When you do it, you must wear clothes that have been cleaned and are only used for fire. You must bathe and brush teeth before. You use a special copper vessel to burn the dung. So, everything leading up to it focusing my attention on the act to follow. With each act, I am setting aside the worries and thoughts of my life and focusing on what I’m about to do. Then I sit in front of my altar. I sit on a small rug that I only sit on when I’m doing fire or meditating. To my mind, the altar is special, but I don’t sit there. The rug is my special place. It’s in a corner of my office, near the door. I often step on it or over it as I come and go, but I never sit on it unless I am doing something that is focused outward. When I sit on that rug in front of the altar, it supports the process.


The importance of a special place cannot be over stated. We are used to multi-tasking – doing and thinking of many things at once. The chatter in our head is constant and ever changing. Our external lives reflect our inner lives. Every place we use has multiple purposes.


But we NEED a special, uncluttered space that we only use to connect with whatever we view as sacred. To make your own special place is easy. Pick a place. It can be in your home or somewhere else. It can be a place that will be passed by, but should not be a place where you and others sit and work or think. You want all the mental energy in the place to support your work. It doesn’t matter if you have an altar or it is particularly clean. Clean is good, but the essence of a sacred place is on the energy level. You want the energy to be clean.


It’s good to have something you sit on when you are specifically using your sacred space. It reinforces your focus.


Then, use it. The way to clean a space and to add to the space is to use it. That’s what Belecha was talking about with the kiva in chapter 14. Make this a place where you come to connect with the energy of the web, the universe, your vision of god, nature. It doesn’t really matter what you are trying to connect with as long as it is positive and it is not you. You don’t even have to have a picture in your mind. As long as it is higher energy and not you, you’ve got it. Then, be aware when you use the space. Every action, every word affects it. Be aware of what you do.


That’s it. Go make your own sacred space and start cleaning and feeding it. It feels good.



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